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Modena Asthma Lab

We are a group of doctors, researchers and patients using genomic research to personalize asthma care and find a cure.

Asthma is likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.  Yet, even today, we don’t understand really why asthma occurs.

Here at the Modena Lab, we are using genomic science to better understand the causes of asthma,  and to improve how we treat it. Working together with National Jewish Health (the #1 respiratory center in the U.S.), we hope to find the true causes of asthma, and one day, a cure.

We cannot do this alone, but we need your help. We are currently collecting nasal and blood samples to analyze the genes of people of asthma. We are also gathering and interrogating activity and sleep data using mobile health tracking devices (i.e. Withings, Fitbit, etc). If you are interested in participating in asthma research, please contact us to learn more.

Or if you are simply interested in better understanding asthma, you have come to the right place to learn more.

Or if you’re frustrated by severe asthma symptoms, we provide a roadmap to help you navigate new biological treatments. Find out more on “what exactly is severe asthma?”

Finally, if you would like to give to asthma research, and help us find a cure, you have come to the right place to get involved. 

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Which Medications Are Right for Me?

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Participate in Asthma Genomic Research

Researchers, join our search for a cure.
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Consider sharing your health tracking device data or genetic data – together we can do more.
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